NikeTown London, Nike Inc.

The NikeTown London store is the UK's flagship Nike store. Completed in 1999, the store is located in London's prestigious West End district. With 70,000 sq. ft. of retail space on three levels, the location allowed for creative retail designs vignettes. floW desing studios chose a contemporary design solution for the space. The design began by creating an internal void and then replacing that void by introducing an internal rotondo. This central rotondo extended to all three stories and transforms into a 360 degree projector screen. Every 30 minutes, patrons are treated to a multi-media event of sporting images throughout the rotondo area.

Niketown London functions more than just a shop, each week they put on special events, athletes come in for interviews, they even organise a running club. Since opening in summer 1999 it’s become a London landmark, at ease in the heart of London's West End. With 70,000 square foot of shopping space the space conforms to all athletes desires. The store boasts the largest women’s sports clothing and footwear area in Europe.



  • London, UK
  • 70,000 sf
  • New Construction / Remodel
  • Retail Design