Yakima Valley Hotel - Yakima, WA

The Yakima Valley Hotel projects 31 acre site is conveniently located adjacent to a Casino in Yakima Valley Washington. The client approched floW design studios to design a motel that was complementary to the region with a rustic with a modern approach. The hotel would also included ammenities such as an enclosed swimming pool, a spa and exercise room and a breakfast lounge. floW design studios solution was the creation of a 110 room, 65,000 sf building that took advantage of the site and location. The rustic aspect over this modern building was the use on natural stone that was readily available in the region. This was complimented by the use of Western Cedar throughout the building facade.

The enclosed pool and recreation area would allow year long use of the facilities regarless of weather. The hotel would cater to both families as well as poatrons that would be visiting the adjacernt Casino.

The Yakima Valley Hotel’s rooms are carefully designed while exhibiting extensive attention to detail. The rooms will feature local crafted items such as lamps and vanities alongside custom-designed furniture.


June 2012

  • Yakima, WA
  • 65,000 sf
  • 110 Rooms