Best Western Inn, Portland, OR

The Best Western Inn at The Meadows is a family run hotel located in Portland Oregon's North corridor. Located on the Oregon side of the state border between Oregon and Washington, the location provides a unique advantage in attracting patrons travelling along the I-5 corridor. The owners wanted to update and refresh the look of the whole hotel including the exterior, the guest rooms as well as the public spaces.

floW design studios was able to create a design solution that offered the client a design that was contemporary and economical. The color scheme chosen reflected the owners desire for a fresh modern look to the space. A bar area was added to each room along with a complete upgrade to the bathroom area. The overall goal was to create a boutique feel to the spaces while still offering a reasonable value represented by the Best Western Brand.

The floW design studios design solution was to compliment the hotels 147 rooms and was the initial phase of the hotels multi-phase remodelling directive that included the lobby, hallways and specialty rooms


Summer 2013

  • Portland, OR
  • 71,175 sf
  • 147 Guest Rooms