Niger State Women's, Children and Cancer Hospital

The Niger State Women, Children and Cancer was a new hospital project created to replace an ageing existing hospital. The project was a collaboritive effort between state and private funding entities. The hopsital was design to be on one level and constructed of local materials. The essence of the design was derived from the “Golden Section” or the Fibonacci sequence which occurs throughout nature. A central core and singular point of entrance into the main facility has been established, demarcated architecturally by a vaulted eliptical atrium and inspired by the nearby geological feature of Zuma Rock. The atrium provides the user with a clear sense of hierarchical progression into the building and also allows for greater security for patients and hospital staff within. The atrium was designed to be a climate controlled environment in which the user can utilize as a waiting area, a place to socialize, or a point to acquire further information and direction.


April 2012

  • Minna, Nigeria
  • 14,352 Sq. M
  • 300 Beds
  • Proposal, Concept Design
  • Healthcare