Stan's U-Haul Concept Design, Portland, OR

This concept design for U-Haul was created for Stan's U-Haul, a franchisee for the U-Haul brand in Portland, OR. The design requirements was to utilze a 17,000 sf lot to create a multi-level storage facilitie. The location also included an existing 5,400 sf tilt up concrete warehouse building that was to be incorporated into the design. floW design studios solution was to create a 19,600 sf three story structure that will be added to the existing warehouse. The new design concept incorporated the all of U-Haul branding with adherence to the corporate color scheme and signage.

The concept design included an opportunity to create a retail shop for clients. This resulted in the design of check-in counter and and expanded retail space.



  • Portland, OR
  • 25,000 sf
  • Proposal, Concept Design
  • Commercial